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Friday, March 15th, 2013

I hate finding myself motionless. And I admire people who take action under the shades of motionlessness.

The action doesn’t have to be big, often it’s a simple action. You’re on the street and you see someone asking another person for directions and that person has no idea. You step in to the conversation because you might know. You could have just watched or you could have just walked away, but you broke out of your pattern and entered into another. You didn’t stand motionless.

I find myself motionless at many points. And I always regret it. I wonder if motion comes naturally to some and is harder for others. But this is the wrong thing to wonder, it’s the wrong question to ask. The path to motion takes practice. You have to pause and see the moment for what it is and find your place in it. It could be anything like returning a lost wallet or speaking up against stupidity.

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Sometimes it’s the bystander effect, the thought that someone else will do it, that prevents us from finding our place in a situation. Often we’re told to be ourselves and perhaps we fail to realize that we could be the someone else that will do it. We could be the someone else that moves.

I hope to find myself in those moments and say, “So go ahead: be someone else. Move.”

Lest we think racist ads were a product of the 60′s and earlier …

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

American Apparel.



Vaseline’s Skin-Lightening cream marketed in India and in a Facebook app that allows users to lighten their skin in profile photos.



PlayStation announces a white coloured gaming system in Europe.



Beyonce turns lighter skinned on a L’Oreal box.




Nivea’s version of what ‘civilized’ is.


Intel’s ad with what looks an awful lot like slaves.


A Microsoft advertisement being replicated in Poland replaces a black man with a white man.

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Licorice Babies and cookies

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I have a random collection of very problematic food items.
It all started when I was in a bulk store and I rediscovered these little black licorice babies. Remember these?

I TOTALLY forgot licorice babies existed. I found them pretty disturbing. Then I randomly came across a whole bunch of other disturbing food item things:



Found in Cyprus, Turkey, Romania & Albania