Ethiopia vs South Africa the game, “the hunger” and Twitter

Posted on June 19th, 2013 by joanne

This past Sunday there was a bit of a twitter explosion referring to the Ethiopian Walia Soccer team as being “hungry” or “starving” for their big win.  I want to share some of the tweets with you but first let me provide some context.

There is no doubt that the Ethiopian team has been looking sharp lately, they ended their 31 year long African Cup of Nations absence earlier this year, played well and are now gunning for a spot at the 2014 World Cup.  Perhaps it’s the long years being known for solo marathon runners or maybe it is …
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Jamaica in Toronto & ‘violence in the black community’ via The Star

Posted on May 8th, 2013 by joanne

I recently came across an opinion piece posted in The Star titled “When racism passes for analysis: James” which starts out by asking, “Why do discussions about violence in Toronto so often devolve into blaming a group that is largely thriving, enterprising, educated, progressive and economically significant?”

In the article the author Royson James states “One’s reality is influenced by the story-tellers. And the narrators too often bypass the everyday brilliance of black folks for the crisis concerns about occasional violence.”

He goes on to reason that, “The black community is not a basket case. It is a thriving, enterprising, well-educated, …
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Take charge! (or, how the government wants me to take charge of my health so that they don’t have to)

Posted on March 25th, 2013 by dvandervoort

guest post by Tricia Morris

I am a nursing student in New Brunswick, and part of what I’m finding interesting in my program is that we have spent a lot of time talking about the difference between calling someone who seeks health care a ‘client’ or a ‘patient’. There’s actually a lot of debate about it, and there has been a significant push for the use of ‘client’ (especially in community health care settings). Some people disagree with that push (like this human, A lot of other people argue that it’s just a matter of semantics, …
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Posted on March 15th, 2013 by admin

I hate finding myself motionless. And I admire people who take action under the shades of motionlessness.

The action doesn’t have to be big, often it’s a simple action. You’re on the street and you see someone asking another person for directions and that person has no idea. You step in to the conversation because you might know. You could have just watched or you could have just walked away, but you broke out of your pattern and entered into another. You didn’t stand motionless.

I find myself motionless at many points. And I always regret it. I wonder if …
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Lest we think racist ads were a product of the 60′s and earlier …

Posted on March 6th, 2013 by joanne

American Apparel.



Vaseline’s Skin-Lightening cream marketed in India and in a Facebook app that allows users to lighten their skin in profile photos.



PlayStation announces a white coloured gaming system in Europe.



Beyonce turns lighter skinned on a L’Oreal box.




Nivea’s version of what ‘civilized’ is.


Intel’s ad with what looks an awful lot like slaves.


A Microsoft advertisement being replicated in Poland replaces a black man with a white man.


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“Orphan Week”

Posted on February 22nd, 2013 by Katie

It was “Orphan Week” on the University of Alberta’s Edmonton campus this week. It truly was. I wanted to write about this when I first saw this poster:

(which was beside this poster, advertising exotic Thailand):

But, then it felt like a bit of an easy target – alright, alright, likely everyone reading this blog thinks that something as vague as “Orphan Week,” including a fundraising hotdog BBQ (I want to think about the food politics being mobilized here, but this isn’t the post for it), but then I went to see The Missionary Position, a play by the …
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Licorice Babies and cookies

Posted on January 31st, 2013 by joanne

I have a random collection of very problematic food items.
It all started when I was in a bulk store and I rediscovered these little black licorice babies. Remember these?

I TOTALLY forgot licorice babies existed. I found them pretty disturbing. Then I randomly came across a whole bunch of other disturbing food item things:




Guys, did we all know these existed??? Can’t these guys think of ANYTHING more creative and less problematic to sell chocolate cookies? I mean, they’re CHOCOLATE cookies. They sell themselves.

I’m just scratching the surface of the plethora of blatant exploitations of …
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Why I Love Chick Flicks (or why I hate action movies)

Posted on January 10th, 2013 by Katie

Holidays seem to be a guilt inducing time – too many sweets, too little work, too little exercise and for me this season, too many chick flicks. I watched The Five Year Engagement (surprising), Wanderlust (I’m still undecided), Two Weeks Notice (an annual tradition), Something Borrowed (as bad as it looked) and New Years Eve (so-so) to name a few. So, here I was on a recent night coming down from my sugar-high from Christmas going to see The Hobbit, and feeling like at least this movie might have some substance (I love movies about other worlds, or imagining futures. …
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Girls in the ‘Third World’: The Discourse

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 by Lisa

One ordinary morning, as I sipped my warm coffee and drowsily listened to reports about all of the various international tragedies that were destroying our planet and people, I received an online message from a friend that directed me to the above website. My friend wanted to know what I thought about the program, as it had recently been touted in the media as a great success.

I opened the website, and was greeted by a video asking me to experience the sensation of buying a girl. No, my friend had not sent me a link to a child prostitution …
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World Vision’s One Life Experience; an interactive African village

Posted on December 20th, 2012 by joanne

At the famed gigantic West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta, World Vision is hosting a free interactive experience called the One Life Experience. If you have not heard of it let me use their words to describe what it is all about.

The One Life Experience is a 2,000 square foot interactive village that is supposed to ‘transport you to the heart of Africa’. Through ‘captivating audio and powerful imagery, you experience the impact of HIV and AIDS by stepping into the life of a child’. It is supposed to be a place where you ‘will gain a new and …
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